Updating Church Information

In this tutorial we cover updating your church information. 

This includes your logos, site title, church name/address, service times, contact info and social links. I know that sounds like a mouthful, but you can update these things in 3 or 4 minutes. 

The video gives a more in-depth overview. We really recommend watching it your first time. 

Step By Step

1. Click 'Customize' in your Dashboard side menu. 

It should be the second item on that left side menu.

2. Click 'Church Info.' 

This opens up the tabs for you to begin adding various church information to your site.

3. Add the relevant information to each tab. 

This opens up the tabs for you to begin adding various church information to your site. 

In the first tab titled Logos you will add your church logo, a light version of your logo (used in areas of the site with dark backgrounds), a site icon, and a new site name and tagline. 

*Pro Tip: When adding your site title and tagline try to follow this formula: '[church name] in [your city].' This is great for search engines to help more people discover your website. 

In the second tab titled 'Location' you will add your church street address as well as a link to Google Maps. The maps link is used throughout the website for 'Get Directions' buttons and updates automatically, everywhere.

In the third tab you'll add your service time(s), service time/location for your student ministry, and your church contact phone/email. These update throughout the site automatically.

The fourth and last tab houses your Social media links. Don't feel like you have to add them all! We usually recommend adding Facebook and Instagram. If you create video content, add your Vimeo or Youtube channel link. Don't worry, if you don't add a link, then no icon will appear for it anywhere. 

4. Click Publish! 

Voila! After hitting publish your Faithmade site should already begin to feel more like home!

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