Dashboard Intro


This should be the very first stop on your Faithmade journey. In this tutorial video we go over the main areas of your shiny new dashboard. This is a bird's eye view of how your site works as well as helping you familiarize yourself with where to find all the nifty gadgets and tools we have built into the Faithmade platform. 

After you check out this first video, there are several more tutorials to walk through to get your site styled like woah, adding your own content so our site becomes your site, and finally launching your new website into the wilds of the inter webs. 

Onboarding Paths

If you get hung up on any step or something doesn't feel right, don't worry! We are here every step of the way. Speaking of 'every step' have you chosen your onboarding path yet? Our users range from hardcore "I got this" DIY types to the "how do I turn this thing on again" types that need a bit more guidance, and everyone in between. So, to accommodate you wherever your technical prowess is, we have a few paths that you can choose from. Please note, there's no additional charge for any of these.

Path One - You Build. We Support. 

Are you that confident DIY type? Kudos! In this path we hand of the site right after you sign up, and you handle the design portions following along with our tutorials (but honestly, you probably skipped the tutorials if you dove into this path), and at the end of your design journey, you'll handle connecting your domain and such. Of course, we're an email away if you need us, but you're confident you've got most of it handled. And if you change your mind, there's zero charge to have us handle it. ;) 

Path Two - You Build. We Finish

A lot of our users are fairly tech and design savvy, but when it comes to the nerd stuff like domains, DNS, newsletter API's and Google they'd feel more comfortable letting us finish the setup. So if you choose this path, you'll design your site and add your content, and then when you're ready to turn on the lights, schedule a call with us and we'll get everything we need to connect your domain, update your DNS and make sure your site is talking to Google.

Path Three - We Build. You Watch.

We get it! While our unofficial mantra is 'so easy a pastor could do it' we understand some may not have the time or confidence to dive into this. No worries. If you choose this path, we will schedule a call together, and then we will take whatever content you have on your current website and refurbish it for the Faithmade site you chose. If you want to build out extra pages for stuff you love but don't find it represented in the ready made site, we can discuss that as well. And at the end, after you approve, we'll take your site live for you!  

If you haven't selected an onboarding path yet, we'd love to get you on one! Just fill out this form.

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