Connect PCO Groups

For users on the Church Pro and Church Plus plans we offer the ability to connect Planning Center to Faithmade. A big plus is the ability to pull in your Planning Center Groups to display directly on the website. This can be done in a few steps so long as you are an administrator for your church's PCO account.

1. Click the ChMS Integration

This will bring up a page where you'll be able to create, authorize and manage your PCO connection

2. Select PCO

You'll want to select PCO from the dropdown list of available integrations and click Update Settings

4. Click Authorize

After clicking update settings the page will reload and the option to authorize will appear. When you click 'Authorize' you'll be directed to a new tab. 

In this tab you'll see a PCO authorization screen. Click Allow.

After clicking 'Allow' you'll see a key code appear. Copy that code. 

After copying make your way back to your Faithmade Site where you will need to authorize that key.

5. Sync your groups

After you allow permission, come back to your ChMS Integration page and click refresh. 

You'll now see the option to sync your groups. 

6. View your groups

Now you're authorized and synced up!

After the sync has completed you should be able to visit the groups page and verify your groups have synced up. Please note that groups sync automatically once a day, but you can manually sync them if you make changes from your ChMS tab. 

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