Add a Hub Card

Hub cards are a GREAT way to get information out consistently from the stage during announcements or in the lobby as a kiosk. 


  • Make your hub the "From the Stage" domain. Grab a domain like and forward it to the So every time there's a featured event, baptism, conference, sermon notes...whatever, you just have to say "Check out for more information." 
  • Stay on top of hub cards. They aren't like events that expire. Make sure you focus on adding either static stuff that never changes (like a Connect Card or Next Steps signup) and for stuff that has an end date, make a note on your cal to remove it. *We are looking at adding the ability to add an 'expiration date' to hub cards in the future though.* :) 
  • If you set up a lobby kiosk on an iPad, grab an app like Kiosk Pro App. We already have a different navigation area for our hub that helps the kiosk setup stay "focused" but this will let you take it a step further by customizing the header on your iPad and making sure you don't have any rogue users roving around the inter webs 

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