Revoke PCO Access

There may be a time where you need to break the connection between Faithmade and Planning Center. Maybe you're not using a certain module? Or switching to another ChMS? 

We're here to help you in two easy steps. 

1) Visit this link

Please note, you'll have to be logged in to view this. 

2) Click 'Authorized Apps' in the top navigation bar

3) Click 'Revoke.' This will remove the ability for Faithmade and PCO to 'talk' to each other. 

After clicking 'Revoke' you should receive a pop up in your browser asking if you're sure. Click yes, and it will remove the authorization. 

4) Verify by refreshing your ChMS integration page. 

After you click 'refresh' on your ChMS page from your Faithmade dashboard you should see a link that will allow you to reverify. If you want, you can change the 'church management system' just to the 'select' option and click update. 

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