Changing Page Builder Images

Now that we've covered how to change out 'Featured Images' on the backend, lets dive into using the page builder to change out things like backgrounds, videos, and other images on the front end! 

Changing Row and Column Backgrounds:

  • Open the page builder. 
  • Select the 'row settings' or 'column settings' depending on which you're updating. 
  • Scroll down a bit to the background options. You can choose from a video background, color, or several photo background types. If you're not comfortable we'd recommend leaving the setting we have chosen. 
  • Replace the media, whether it's an image or video. 
  • Click save on the Row Settings.
  • Click 'Done' then 'Publish' in the top right of the page builder.

Changing images and other videos:

  • Open the page builder. 
  • Click on the image module you want to edit.
  • Replace the media with the image you desire. You may need to upload your image. Just click the 'upload' button and follow the steps.
  • Save the module.
  • Click 'Done' and then 'Publish' in the top right of the page builder.

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